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Glass Mosaic Adhesive for Inrteriors and Exteriors use

DUBOND'S TURBO is a technical marvel of shock absorbent system technology to produce a single part adhesive that has absolute insensitivity to the action of water, for it has binders and stable copolymers with alkali hydrolysis.

TURBO doesn't give up its bond even in the testing of high external pressure due to of water and also condition water seeps to the high adhesive layer.Thus it finds favor presence with laying professionals of Swimming pools and various water bodies.


  • Designed for interior & exterior floor and wall installation of all types of glass mosaic. Very good for swimming pools and various water body. It can be used to clad glass, tiles and natural stones / artificial stones.

Suitable Substrate

  • Concrete
  • Cement Terrazzo
  • Brick Mansory
  • Old Ceramic Floors
  • Cement Mortar Based
  • Old Natural Stone
  • Cement Plaster
Colours White & Grey
Mixing Ration 6.2 ltrs/bag 20 Kg Turbo
Pot Life ≥ 4 hr
Shelf Life 12 month with original packing in dry storage place
Open time ≥ 30 minutes
Adjustability ≥ 30 minutes
Bed Thickness ≤ 15mm
Grouting ≈ 8 hr on wall / ≈ 24 hr on floor
Coverage ≈ 2.5 to 5 kg/sq mtr
Foot Traffic ≈ 24 hr
Final Characteristics
Shear adhesion after 28 days. ≥ 2 MPa ANSI A-118.1
Tensile adhesion on concrete after 28 days. ≥2 MPa EN 1384
Durability Test:
-Adhesion after heat agening. ≥2 MPa EN 1384
-Adhesion after water immersion ≥1 MPa EN 1384
-Adhesion after freeze thaw cycles. ≥ 1 MPa EN 1384
Working Temperature from - 30°C to 80°C
Conformity C2 TE EN 12004

Packing Detail

20 Kg. Bag

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