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Tuffex GT

Clear, synthetic polymer emulsions for use with DUBOND'S cement based grouts. Suitable for use in interior and exterior locations in both dry and wet service conditions. DUBOND TUFFEX GT is a polymer additive for DUFILL cement-based grouts. Not for use with adhesives. This admixture is manufactured under an approved quality assurance system conforming to BS EN ISO 9002 and in accordance with the requirements of the environmental standards and operational scope of BS 7750:1994.


The addition of DUBOND'S TUFFEX GT to DUBOND'S DUFILL cement-based grouts greatly improves their physical properties and characteristics. Increased mechanical strength.

  • Providing greater adhesion to tile edges e.g. glass mosaics and fully vitrified tiles.
  • Providing greater abrasion resistance. Particularly important in heavily trafficked areas such as shopping malls. Increased flexural strength and flexibility.
  • Enabling grouts to be used where limited movement/vibration is anticipated e.g. heated screeds and timber floors. Reduced water permeability.
  • Providing greater protection to water sensitive backgrounds and minimizing the risk of efflorescence.


For most applications dilute 1 part TUFFEX GT with 2 parts water Use the TUFFEX GT: water blend to replace the gauging water when preparing the grout for use.

Installation Procedure

DUBOND'S DU FILL cement-based grouts modified with TUFFEX GT should be applied as directed in the appropriate product data sheet. The working time of the polymer modified grout may be shorter than that of the unmodified material, especially in higher temperatures. The colour of the set grout may appear slightly darker than when unmodified. Use the same mix proportions throughout an installation to ensure uniform colour.

Technical Specification
Colors Clear Liquid
Dosage 100 ml / 1 kg of polymer grout
Dosage 1 ltr / 10 kg of polymer grout
Shelf Life ~ 12 month with original packing in dry place
pH ~ 9.5 (Alkaline)
Viscosity ~ 200 Brookfield Viscometer RVT,
Spindle no 4, RPM 100 TEM. 25°C
Solids Content ~ 46 =/- 1 %
Temperature Range From +5°C to + 45°C

Packing Detail

100 ml & 1 liter

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