Products High Performance Adhesive with Shock Absorbing Technology Pristine


Excellent Perfomance Highly Graded Polymer modified Strong Cementitious Universal Adhesive.

DUBOND'S PRISTINE is a grey or white cement based higher grade polymer modified high-strength,flexible tile adhesive for fixing of any type of tiles on interior and exterior situation.

It has a special function that works specifically to counter conditions such as external pressures on cladding tiles of the skyscrapers and large format tiles with overlaying on existing floors. It is a secure professional method of laying has deform ability up to 10mm thickness.


  • Designed for fully water resistance and nonslip property
  • Excellent for large format paving slabs.
  • Fixing abscorbent floor and wall tiles outdoors and indoors.
  • Fixing poorly absorbent or non absorbent materials such as synthetic marble, asbestos cement sheet, split tiles, refined porcelain stoneware, and glass block
  • Fixing natural stone, synthetic stone and marble so long as they are not affected by environment.
  • Fixing on heating floors.
  • Fixing on minor shocking substrate

Suitable Substrate

  • Concrete
  • Cement Terrazzo
  • Old Ceramic Floor
  • Old Natural Stone
  • Brick Masonry
Apparency Grey and White
Mixing Ratio 6.8 Ltr / 1bag of 20kg. Pristine.
Warning Protect from frost Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and sources of heat
Coverage Approximately 65 sq. ft for 20 Kgs. Bag with 6mm X 6mm X 12mm Square notch trowel for a bed thickness of 4 mm. DFT.
Pot Life ≥ 4 hr
Shelf Life 12 month with original packing in dry storage place
Open time ≥ 30 minutes
Adjustabillity ≥ 45 minutes
Bed Thickness 5 mm to 15mm.
Foot Traffic ≈ 24 h
Grouting ≈ 8 hr on walls / ≈ 24 hr on flooring
Final Characteristics
Shear adhesion after 28 days. ≥ 3.0 MPa. ANSI A 118.1
Tensile Adhesion on Concrete After 28 Days ≥ 1.8 MPa. EN 1348
- Adhesion After heat ageing ≥ 1.0 Mpa. EN 1348
- Adhesion After Water immersion ≥ 1.0 Mpa. EN 1348
- Adhesion After Freeze Thaw Cycle ≥1.0 MPa EN 1348
Temperature range for application From - 30°C to 80°C
Conformity C2TE EN 12004

Packing Detail

20 Kg. Bag

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