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Tile & Stone Primer

Under coat primer and adhesion Promoter for ceramic tiles and stones

TILE & STONE PRIMER is a water base neno particle aqueous dispersion. It is designed as a barrier to prevent water, alkali and other compounds from reaching the substrate surface and to avoid efflorescence that can cause surface discoloration especially in cement substrates. Stones and porous tiles.


  • Interior & Exterior
  • Wall & Floors
  • Natural porous stones & tiles
  • Concrete Surfaces before painting or laying of tiles to prevent efflorescence and providing water resistance
  • Upper substrate acts as a adhesion promoter


Wash the substrate by clean water and allow if to dry apply primer by soft bristle brush and led it to dry 6 to 8 hours.Then apply another products.

Coverage Approximately

10-15 / ltr. depending on the nature of the surface and method of application.


Keep the tin closed and in a cool place.

Shelf Life

6 month in original sealed packing kept in cool and dry place.

Important Notice

It's applied as a supplied, do not dilute it.

Appearance limpid viscous emulsion
Colour light yellow
Spec. gravity (20°C): 0,820 gr. ⁄cc
Flashing point 38°C

Packing Detail

500ml, 1 liter, 5 liters and 20 liters containers.

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