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Acrylic Prime Putty

Acrylic Resin Base Plaster Putty for Interior & Exterior

High performance acrylic putty for sealing cracks in plasters, concretes, brickwork and gaps around penetrations (doors, windows, piping/conduits, etc.)

  • Excellent adhesion to variety of surfaces such as concrete,masonry,wood,metals etc.
  • Can be used for outdoor as well as indoor applications.
  • Excellent ability to take differential thermal expansions of dissimilar materials.
  • Good UV and heat resistance.
  • Elongation at break 400%.
  • Filling volume: 1 kg of ACRYLIC-PRIME PUTTY will fill 125 feet of 4mm x 4mm crack.
  • Can be painted over by all regular paints.

Usage Preparation:

  • Widen and deeped the crack to about to 2-3 mm in V-notch profile by mechanical grinding/milling.
  • Clean the crack / gap of any loose materials,dirt,dust,oil etc.Compressed air or water jet can be used for this along with manual raking.


  • The product comes in ready to use condition.
  • Fill the crack / gap fully ACRYLIC-PRIME PUTTY
  • Wait for 3 hours. Refill any shrinkage. Tool the surfaces to get desired finish.
  • Gymnasiums, Office, Stadium, Shopping complexes, Educational Institutions

Painting over

  • Allow curing for 12 hours prior to painting over.

Special Attributes

  • No need to use Plaster of Paris, Chalk Powder or Primer before applying paint
  • Apply on almost all interior surfaces whether new or old.

Material of Composition

  • Ultra fine minerals, Biocides, Corrosion inhibitors, Additives, Specially formulated in-house adhesive organic binder

How To Apply

  • Free the surface from dirt,loose particles and residual paints
  • Smoothen the surface with fine emery paper, - Applywithin 2-3 hours using putty knife/towel
  • Apply two coats of wall putty for silky finish, - Leave 8to 10 hours for drying.
  • Apply any other paint directly on wall it coated surface, -No need of primer.


  • The approximate covering capacity is 25 to 30 sq.ft/kg/coat
  • Apply on almost all interior surfaces whether new or old.
Technical specification
Appearance Off white paste form
Thickness 1 to 1.5 mm per coat
Drying Time 3 to 4 hours
Finish Smooth finish
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