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Hydro Shield

Ready to use water-repellent, based on siloxane, in a watery dispersion.

Hydro Shield

Main Features

  • Quick development of water-repellent properties
  • Optimum penetration capacity
  • Colour less protection
  • Ready for use


White liquid


12 months in a dry place, protected by freezing in sealed conditions.

Fields of use

  • HYDROSHIELD protects against rainfall in a uniform and long-lasting way, without altering the colour of the treated surface.
  • The treatment does not form a film on the surface, thus allowing these to "breathe".
  • Prevents the dirt carried by the water from penetrating, making the surfaces self- cleaning.
  • Prevents the surfaces from crumbling due to freezing due to freezing/thawing cycles.
  • The treated surfaces must be porous, such as: cementitious plaster, untural stone, sandstone, mineral plasters.

Nature of the product

HYDROSHIELD is a watery emulsion containing siloxanes and specific additiv Ask our technical department for the safety brief for further information.

Coverage Capacity

*Natural stones               0.20kg/m2

*Plaster and brickwork    0.25 kg/m2

Available Packing

1 ltr, 5 ltr and 10 ltr. Container

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