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Hydro Lastik

Extremely flexible two-part water-proofing for brush, trowel, roller or spray application. Suitable for hydraulic works in general, foundation walls against the ground, swimming pools, terraces and balconies.

Hydro Lastik

Main Features

  • Extremely flexible, Vapour perme ability
  • Can be Applied By Brush, Roller And Trowel
  • Dose Not Suffer ageing and withatands high and low temperatures.



part-A : White powder

part-B : white liquid


12 months in a dry place, protected against freezing

Part-A : 12 months in the unopened pack in a dry place

Part-B : 12 months in the unopened pack, protected against freezing

Fields of use

  • Waterproofing for the walls and floors of: swimming pools, bathrooms or places where there is a lot of moisture before the laying of ceramic wall tiles.
  • For waterproofing concrete tanks or cisterns.
  • For waterproofing terraces, balconies,balconies,prior to fixing ceramic tiles. Particularly suitable for raised floors.
  • Restoring the waterproofing properties to old terraces without demolishing the existing floor surface.
  • Leveling cracked plaster or concrete.
  • Protecting large concrete works from the effects of carbonation or aggression from saline atmospheres or ones containing sulphates.


HYDROLASTIK can be applied on cement plaster,cement-line mortar, cement ,concrete, ceramic, plaster board, wood and iron.

Coverage Capacity

1.6 kg/m2 for every mm of thickness (consumption is also inclusive of latex)

Available Packing

Part-A : 10kg bag

Part-B : 5 ltr. Container

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