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Hydro Lastik Strip 160

Hydro Lastik Strip RL

Main Features

  • Sealing strip formed by a viscoelastic layer covered with non-woven fabric. Also available in squares.
  • Sealing tape for joints and corners. Also available in squares.



Tap with width 16cm and width of rubber part 7 cm


100% fiber glass netting with 4x5 mm mesh width


In a dry place, sheltered from the sunlight and high temperatures.

Fields of use

  • Indoor and outdoor waterproofing treatment for the corners between walls and floor, between adjacent walls and for dividing joints (must not be used for stuctural joints) in screeds waterproof with: HYDROLASTIK, HYDROGUM, HYDROCOAT and HYDROCOAT OSMOCEM
  • Waterproofing treatment in swimming pools

Available Packing

25 mtr rolls

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