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Hydro Lastik Net

High quality mesh of selected fiberglass netting with anti-alkaline primer.

Hydro Lastik Net

Application Operations

After having applied a first layer of HYDROLASTIK NET in an even coat about 2 mm thick using the smooth trowel alkali-resistant HYDROLASTIK NET netting in the mortar, positioning it in the vertical direction and overlapping the joints by at least 10 cm.

Level the surface with further material until you have obtained a layer at least 3 mm thick. It is advisable to add strips of HYDROLASTIK NET sloping at 45° on a level with windows and door openings. To improve the ability of the finish to withstand impact, it is also advisable to use two layers of netting in places where impact is liable to occur.

Fields of use

  • Netting to provide reinforcement when HYDROLASTIK NET is applied as a leveling coat for insulating panels in ventilated systems.
  • Reinforcement for cementitious levelling coats such as HYDROCOAT, HYDROCOAT OSMOCEM, HYDRO GUM, HYDROLASTIK on substrates with tiny cracks.
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