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Hydro Gum

Ready to use waterproofing paste in a watery dispersion.

Hydro Gum

Main Features

  • Single pack ready to use pest
  • Very high elongation
  • Can be applied by smooth knife, trowel and brush



Viscous white coloured paste


12 months in a dry place, protected against freezing in packed condition.

Fields of use

  • Waterproofing plastered surfaces, plaster or plasterboard panels and screeds prior to fixing tiles in bathrooms, showers or places where there is lots of moisture.
  • Waterproofing terraces, balconies, prior to fixing ceramic tiles.
  • As a crack-inhibiting membrane.
  • To restore the waterproofing properties of old bituminous sheathing or bituminous aggregates (prior to applying HYDROGUM almost 2 hours earlier).
  • Permanent encapsulation of asbestos cement (prior to applying HYDROGUM almost 2 hours earlier).
  • For application in a single coat as bonding primer on the remains of old vinyl or polyurethane adhesives prior to glueing times with cement-base adhesives.
  • As a waterproofing on old ceramic tiles prior to glueing tiles with cementitious adhesives of class C2 S1 or C2 S2 (prior to applying HYDROGUM almost 2 hours earlier).
  • Waterproofing gutters, eaves, etc.


Cementitious plaster, cement lime mortar, concrete, cement-based scree anhydrite screeds, plaster, plasterboard.

Coverage Capacity

1.4-1.5kg/m2 for every mm of thickness

Available Packing

1 ltr, 5ltr,and 10ltr, Bucket

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