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Hydro Epoxy

Two part epoxy paste suitable for high-resistance bonding of elements in concrete and steel.

Hydro Epoxy

Main Features

  • Structural, two-part, epoxy paste.
  • A specific product for small restoration and patching works on concrete. Thixotropic, water-resistant and acid-resistant.



Appearance Part A grey paste / Part B beige paste


12 months in the Original packaging in pack condition.

Coverage Capacity

≈ 1.7kg/m2 per mm of thickness.


Protect from frost. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and sources of heat

Available Packing

PartA 1 kg, 5kg,Bucket

PartB 1 kg, 5kg,Bucket

Technical Specifications Value
Mixing ratio Part A : Part B = 1 : 1
Viscosity of the mixture ≈ 1000000 mPa s, rotor 95 RPM 2.5
Brookfield method
Specific weight of the mixture ≈ 1 .7 kg/dm3
Pot life (1 kg) at +5°C ≥ 1OOmin.
Pot life (1 kg) at +23°C ≥ 20min.
Pot life (1 kg) at +30°C ≥ 15min.
Temperature range for application from +10°C to +45°C
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