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Hydrocoat Osmocem

Mortar with crystallizing osmotic action for water proofing concrete and masonry work against rising and descending damp. It is a single component, thixotropic and resistant to positive and negative hydraulic pressures.


Main Features

  • One pack high flexible product
  • Crystallizing osmotic action,does not age, withstands high and low temperatures, can be applied by brush, trowel, and spray on smooth finish


White powder


12 months in a dry place in pack condition.

Fields of use

  • Counter thrusting water proofing of: walls against the ground, lift wells, water tanks and cisterns, underpasses, foundation beds, swimming pools. Waterproofing works for holding water, such as: ducts, tanks or cisterns.


Cast or precast concrete, high-strength cementitious plaster well bonded to the substrate, bonded cementitious screeds.

Coverage Capacity

1.5kg/m2 for every mm of thickness.

Available Packing

1 kg, 5kg, 10kg bag.

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