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Hydro Prime

Aqueous dispersion consolidating and insulating primer.

Professional Products for Substrate Preparation HYDRO PRIME

Professional, superior-technology, concentrated water-based surface insulation product that neutralizes the expansive chemical reaction of gypsum or anhydrite-based plasters and screeds on contact with cement-based adhesives. Reduces and regulates the absorption of water in highly porous substrates, stabilizing the surface consistency by suppressing the dust.

HYDROPRIME does not give off fumes that may be harmful to humans or to the environment. Hence, it can be safely used with no contraindications in internal environments. The HYDROPRIME technology ensures excellent work ability in all condition thanks to the wide water dilution range, depending on the specific characteristics of the substrate.

Product for Professional Use

Values taken at +23°C, 50% R.H. and no ventilation. Data may vary depending on specific condition at the building site i.e. temperature, ventilation, and absorbency level of substrate.

Available Packing

1 ltr., 5 ltr., & 20 ltr. Container.

Appearance Green Liquid
Shelf Life ≈ 12 months in the original packaging
Warning Protect from frost avoid direct exposure to sunlight and sources of heat
Dilution ratios:
-Insulation product for gypsum and anhydrite Ready-to-use
-Regulation of substrate absorption 1 part HYDROPRIME : 2-3 parts water
PH ≈ 9.65
Temperature range for application from +5°C to +45°C
Minimum waiting time before laying :
-Insulation product for gypsum and anhydrite ≥ 4 hr
-Regulation of substrate absorption ≤ 1 hr
Maximum waiting time before laying ≥ 24 hr
Coverage ≈ 0.15 0.25 kg/m2
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