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Hydro Crete

Hydro Crete is an acrylic based polymer modified cementitious admixture coating system. Hydro Crete in conjunction with cement gives properties to combat the shortcoming of plain cement particularly its poor adhesion properties, low impact strength, low flexural strength and thin section fragility.

Hydro Crete

Main Features

  • Creates tough, hard-wearing surface with waterproofing.
  • Very high durable in continuous wet condition.
  • It allows trapped vapped to escape thus preventing peeling and blistering.
  • creates perfect bonding to most building materials.
  • It prevents salt penetration into concrete.
  • It can be applied with uniform thickness to horizontal and vertical surface.


Milky White Liquid


12 months in a dry place, protected by freezing in sealed condition

Fields of use

  • HYDROCRETE is used for surface treatment, protecting, waterproofing and repairing concrete and masonry.
  • HYDROCRETE is used as a waterproofing of toilets, roofs, basements, swimming pools etc.
  • HYDROCRETE is used as a concrete repairs, protection of concrete against corrsion and salt attack etc.

Nature of the product

HYDROCRETE is an acrylic based polymer modified cementitious composite coating system. It enhances the properties of cement slurry/mortar/concrete and make them to give excellent result for use in a new as well as renovation work.

Coverage Capacity

HYDROCRETE Coating/Slurry

Mix proportion : 100 kg cement + 50 kg HYDROCRETE polymer.

Mixing ratio Lone coat on concrete kg/m2 Two coat on concrete kg/m2
Cement 0.5 0.750
Hydrocrete 0.25 0.375
Hydrocrete Brush Topping material Quantities of Material in kg for one cubic meter 1sq.m.of1.5 thickems
cement 680 1.30
Hydrocrete 430 0.65
Fine Silica Sand 860 1.30
Total Weight in kg 2150 3.25

Available Packing

1 ltr, 5ltr, and 20 ltr, Container.

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