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Hydro Coat

One pack, flexible, cement-based waterproofing with carbonation inhibiting properties. It adheres to all types of surface which provides a solution to leakage, seepage or ingress of water / moisture in concrete by sealing capillaries and shrinkage cracks in both positive and negative side of the structure.

Hydro Coat

Main Features

  • Very Flexible, Vapour perme ability,dose not age,with stand high and low temperature can be used on all type of substrates


White powder


6 months in a dry place, protected against freezing in packed condition.

Fields of use

  • Waterproofing the wall and floor of : swimming pools, bathrooms or places where there is a lot of moisture before the laying of ceramic wall tiles.
  • Wateproofing terraces, balconies,prior to fixing ceramic tiles.particularly suitable for raised floors.
  • Restoring the waterproofing properties to old terraces without demolishing the existing floor surface.
  • Leveling cracked plaster or concrete.


HYDROCOAT can be applied on cement plaster, cement-line mortar, cement, concrete, ceramic, plaster board, wood and iron.

Nature of the product

HYDROCOAT consists of high-strength binders,selected silicon/quartz mineral charges, synthetic fibers and specific additives.

Coverage Capacity

1.5kg/m2 for every mm of thickness

Available Packing

1kg, 5kg, 10kg.

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