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Du Shine

Heavy Duty Glassmosaic Cleaner

Heavy Duty DU Shine

DU SHINE is Specially formulated detergent for cleaning DUBOND'S DUPOXY epoxy grout residue. DU SHINE Does not develop toxic or aggressive vapours. DU SHINE Cleans thoroughly without damaging the natural finish of floor. Cleans gaps grouted with DUBOND'S DUPOXY without damage.


Dilute 100ml of DU SHINE in 1 liters of water. Buff the floor with mop or cloth. Do not rinse.


1 liter of DU SHINE cleans about 10 square meter of mosaic.


Stored in a dry place in the original container.

Shelf Life

12-24 months in original sealed packing kept in cool and dry place.


Do not use on porous surfaces. When using DU SHINE near porous materials, protect them carefully against all risk of contact with DU SHINE, even dilute solutions. Always test the action of DU SHINE on any porous surfaces.

Appearance Liquid
Colour Colouress
Odor Perfumed
PH 5-6
Spec. gravity (20°C): 1, 01 gr. /cc
Biodegradability 90%
Flashing point Not Flammable
Composition Anionic and non ionic surfactants in water solution

Packing Detail

500ml,1 liter,5 liters and 20 liters containers.

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