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Du Pu Flex

High Performance PU basic Flexible Adhesive.

Professional, superior-technology, two-part polyurethane system with high elasticity and no slip, suitable for high-resistance laying on flooring and wall of homogeneous and ceramic tiles, glass mosaic, large-size tiles, humidity sensitive marble and natural stone, on deformable and also non-absorbent substrates, wood and derivatives.

The Du Pu Flex technology ensures superior- performance adhesion for laying ceramic tiles and natural stone on porous surfaces such glass or metal. Du Pu Flex provides balanced thixotropy and superior-performance elasticity ensured by the use of stabilized polyurethane resins and micronised, pure mineral fillers, for rapid and secure laying operations on high deformable and high-expansion substrates.


  • Thixotropic adhesive specially designed for requiring high elasticity, adhesion and for stability with thermal shock with UV resistance.

Suitable Substrate

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Glass Mosaic
  • Large Size Tiles
  • Humidity Sensitive Marble
  • Wood and its Derivatives
  • All Non Absorbent Substrates
  • Natural Stone on Porous Surfaces Such Glass or Metal
  • Aluminium, Rubber & Brass Substrates
Appearance Part A white paste / part B straw-colored liquid
Shelf Life 12 months in the original packaging
Warning Protect from frost Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and sources of heat
Mixing ratio Part A : Part B = 7.4 : 2.5
Viscosity of the mixture ≈ 54000 mPa.s, rotor 92 RPM 4 - Brookfield method
Pot Life ≥ 1 h
Temperature range for application From + 10°C to 45°C
Open time ≥1 h - EN 1346
Adjustability ≥1 h
Slip ≤ 0.5 mm - EN 1308
Foot Traffic ≈ 24 h
Grouting ≈ 12 h on walls / ≈ 24 h on flooring
Interval before normal use ≈ 3 days
Coverage ≈ 2- 4 kg /m²
Final Characteristics
Shear adhesion after 7 days. ≥ 5 MPa EN 12003
Durability Test:
- Shear adhesion after immersion into water ≥ 5 MPa EN 12003
- Shear adhesion after theramal shock ≥ 3.5 MPa EN 12003
- Adhesion to concrete after 7 days ≥ 2.5 MPa (concrete failure) EN 1348
Ultimate elongation ≈ 30%
Working Temperature from - 40°C to +110°C
Conformity R2T EN 12004

Packing Detail

7.5 Kg Base Bucket & 2.5 Kg Hardener Bottle

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