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Fibre-reinforced cementitious structural plaster with high mechanical strength for thicknesses from 4 to 30 mm in interiors and exteriors.

DU Plast

DUBOND's DU PLAST 20 is a single part mortar with fine granulometry that forms a highly protective and fine finish ON concrete. The thixotropic polymer based DU FINE has correction range of thicknesses from 1 to 10 mm and has monolithic compactness & dimensional stability.


  • Highly versatile product suitable for the following.
  • Levelling of uneven walls made of concrete or cementitious plaster in interiors or exteriors.
  • Smoothing of substrates consisting of concrete, stone, brick, cement blocks or cementitious plaster of adequate mechanical strength, in interiors or exteriors
  • Roughcast for improved adhesion
  • Reinforced plaster for consolidating unsound masonry

DU PLAST 20 Fibre reinforced modified cementitious polymer mortar with thixotropic behavior designed to meet the following technical requirements:

  • Improved bonding to smooth substrates with low absorbency
  • Compensated shrinkage
  • High durability to aggressive substances such as sulphates and chlorides
  • High mechanical performance

It is impermeable to rains and has calibrated shrinkage. The fluidifying agents reduces water/cement ratio while interstitial crystallizing agent provide stable chemical structure that is resistant to carbonation, nitrates, sulphates and chloride attacks.

Shelf life ≈ 12 months in the original packaging in dry environment
Mixing water ≈ 5.5 f/1 bag 25 kg
Mixture spread ≈ 75% - EN 13395-1
Specific weight of the mixture ≈ 1.94 kg/dm3 - UNI7121
pH of mixture ≥ 12
Pot life ≥ 1 h
Temperature range for application from +5 °C to +35 °C
Min. thickness ≥ 1 mm
Max.thickness obtainable by coat ≈ 3mm
Max.thickness obtainable ≤ 10 mm
Coverage ≈ 1.6 kg/m1 per mm of thickness
Final Characteristics
Adhesion to concrete after 28 days ≥ 22 MPa EN 1542
Compressive strength after 28 days ≥ 20 MPa_z EN 12190
Flexural strength after 28 days ≥ 3.5 AVa EN 12190
Shear strength after 26 days 24 MPa EN 12615
Resistance to carbonation K ≤ 0.6 mm year05 BdUem8/88-OS/lFB
Resistance to sulphates (expansion) ≤ 0.03%
Resistance to freeze/thaw cycles
with de-freezing sails:
Weight loss after 25 cycles ≤ 1mg/mm2 RILEM CDC 2/77
Depth of splintering after 25 cycles ≤ 2mm RILEM CDC 2/77
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