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Du Flex

High Performance Rubber Adhesive

DUBOND'S DU FLEX is a special purpose, two component high adhesion product with performance elasticity. It has no slip because of the presence stabilized polyurethane and micronized pure mineral fillers.

DU FLEX secures the laying on high deformable and high expansion substrates ,finds base in DU FLEX technology and is recommended for laying tiles, glass mosaic, water absorbed, marbles, natural stones on surfaces (porous) concrete woods and nonporous surfaces such as glass or metal.


  • Fixing ceramic tiles of all types to difficult substrates or ones liable to considerably warp.
  • Fixing natural stone sensitive to humidity, composite marble.
  • For fixing vitreous mosaic.
  • Fixing ceramic tiles to kitchen surfaces or work tops, to wood, glass or iron surfaces .
  • Laying on heating screeds.

Suitable Substrate

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Pvc
  • Wood
  • Rubber
  • Asbestos Cement
  • Old Ceramic Tiles or Natural Stone
  • Cementitious Screed
  • Leveled Surfaces or Gypsum-Based panels
Colours White & Grey
Mixing Ratio

≈ 1.25 kg Part A (powder) 750 grams

Part B (liquid) 500 grams

≈ 10 kg Part A (powder) 6 kgs

Part B (liquid) 4 kgs

Coverage Approximately 4 to 5 sq.ft. with 3 mm thickness per one kg flex
Pot Life ≤ 20 minutes
Shelf Life ≈ 12 month with original packing in dry place
Open time 20 minutes
Working time 5 hr
Setting time 24 - 48 h
Bed Thickness ≤ 6mm
Grouting ≈ 96 hr
Foot traffic ≈ 96 hr
Ultimate Elongation ≈ 30%

Fixing Operations

For normal use, the product can be applied with a suitable serrated trowel (serrations of not more than 7 mm with DU FLEX). The open time is about 20minutes, while the mixture remains creamy and thoroughly workable for 5 hours. If possible, it is therefore best to apply the product immediately to a surface that will be clad within the useful open time. Press the tile down to make sure that it contacts the adhesive in a sufficient way.

Packing Detail

1.25 Kg & 10 Kg Container

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