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Du Flex Ps 600

Polysulphide elastomeric sealent, Two Part

DUFLEX PS - 600 is a two part elastomeric sealent based on 100% solids liquid polysulphide polymer. Which when the components are mixed together, cures to form a hard wearing flexible rubber seal for use in vertical or horizontal joints.

DUFLEX PS - 600 cures at normal temperature to a tough elastomeric seal, which will adhere tenaciously to concrete, masonry, stone, ceramics, metal and wood. DUFLEX PS - 600 will withstand repeated expansion and contraction and remain resilient through daily and seasonal cyclic changes in temperature. DUFLEX PS - 600 has excellent chemical, solvent, and water resistance. It complies to BS 4254, ASTM C 920 & US Federal Specification TT-S-0027E.


Suitable for resistant installation and grouting of floor and wall tiles and mosaic in interiors and exteriors with grout joints between 2 to 15 mm wide, such as :

  • Designed for ceramic floor and wall tiles for out door and in door.
  • Expansion joints in most building superstructures Roofs, Walls etc.
  • Glazing frames windows and in curtain walls.
  • Bridge decks,subways and heavily trafficked floor joints.
  • Basements and retaining walls.
  • Floors where high movements, load displacement and chemical resistance is required.
  • Water retaining structures such as swimming pools,reservoirs,dams,canals,culverts and water treatment works.


  • Forms a tough elasti rubber-like seal
  • Accommodates continuous and pronounced cyclic movement
  • Excellent adhesion to most common substrates
  • High resistance to aging influences,physical damage and climatic extremes
Final Characteristics
Form Part (A) Base Thick White Paste
Part (B)Accelerator Thick Dark Brown Paste
Solids 100%
Specific Gravity 1.55
Tensile Strength 2.00 to 2.50 N/mm²
Water Resistance Excellent
Corrosion Nil
Set Time 24 hours @30°C

Packing Detail

Part-A: 4.6 kg, Part-B: 0.4kg.

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