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Du Fill

DU Fill

Dobond's DuFill is a single part high degree of hardness, calibrated and smooth finish that is suitable for high resistance grouting from 1 mm to 12 mm on all horizontal and vertical surfaces with complete range of tiles and stone.

It is thixotropic has a wide range of colors and finishes. The heavy research by engineers for innovations via market feed back has made Du Fill an architect's choice and user's pride.DuFill range of colours are developed to match all moods of colours band including classic Indian, Victorian, Contemporary.

  • 101 Virgin White * Group I
  • 102 Abworlds GROUP I
  • 103 Dream Gleam GROUP I
  • 104 Crust GROUP I
  • 105 Mystic GROUP II
  • 106 Crusade GROUP I
  • 107 Robo Cop GROUP II
  • 108 Shill Pill GROUP II
  • 109 Macho GROUP II
  • 110 Black * GROUP I
  • 201 Freige Zone GROUP I
  • 202 Blue * GROUP I
  • 203 Alpino GROUP II
  • 204 Dark Blue * GROUP I
  • 205 Bolt Of Blue GROUP II
  • 206 Alpine Blue * GROUP I
  • 701 Deep Desire GROUP II
  • 301 Menta GROUP I
  • 302 Mode Vage GROUP II
  • 303 Whispering Green GROUP I
  • 304 Light Green * GROUP I
  • 305 Setern GROUP II
  • 306 Engrass GROUP II
  • 307 Algae GROUP II
  • 308 Dark Green * GROUP I
  • 401 Ivory * GROUP I
  • 402 Almond * GROUP I
  • 403 Wheat Spring GROUP I
  • 404 Crema * GROUP I
  • 405 Khakeez GROUP I
  • 406 Tango GROUP II
  • 407 Rogue GROUP II
  • 408 Sun Bust GROUP II
  • 501 Venus GROUP II
  • 502 Skindy GROUP I
  • 503 Pink * GROUP I
  • 504 Red Gold GROUP I
  • 505 Romance GROUP II
  • 506 Slatilo GROUP I
  • 409 Yellow * GROUP I
  • 601 Hilltop GROUP I
  • 602 Cliff GROUP I
  • 603 Copper Brown * GROUP I
  • 604 Milan Red GROUP I
  • 605 Terra Red * GROUP I
  • 606 Metaale GROUP II
  • 607 Choco Treat GROUP II
  • 608 Dark Brown * GROUP I
  • 702 Chrome Yellow GROUP II
  • 703 Purple Rain GROUP II
  • 704 Baby Pink GROUP I
  • 705 Burgundy * GROUP I
  • 706 Red GROUP II
  • 801 Grey * GROUP I
  • 802 Beige * GROUP I
  • 803 Mashroom * GROUP I
  • 804 Steel Grey * GROUP I
  • 805 Dark Grey * GROUP I
Technical Specification
Joint Width 1-12 mm
Pot life @ 350 ±20 30 Minutes
Cure @ 350 ±20 24 Hours
Temperature Resistance - 30°C to 150°C
Water: Grout Ratio 1 : 3
Compressive Strength 24 Hours min. 4.00 kN
48 Hours min. 8.00kN
  • Not recommended for use in power showers.
  • Do not use showers for at least 2 weeks following completion of grouting.
  • Use DUPOXY GROUT which confirms to the current food hygiene regulations.
  • Do not fill pool at least 3 weeks following completion of grouting.
  • Use in conjunction with Tuffex GT (See data sheet of Tuffex GT for further details). The addition of Tuffex GT to cement-based grouts will enhance adhesion to tile edges, reduce water permeability and impart flexibility.

Site Work Instruction

Surface Considerations

Application Procedure

Before commencing grouting the adhesive bed must be set. It is essential that the tiles used are appropriate for the service conditions and are fixed in a solid bed of adhesive i.e ensuring that, as far as possible, no voids are left behind the tiles, refer to the relevant product data sheet for setting / drying times.

Protect open joints from contamination and ensure that they are clean, dry and free from loose debris prior to grouting.

Do not use in damp conditions

Surface Preparation

Joint should be free efflorescence, latence, dirt and other loose material. Remove thoroughly by dry brushing.

Clean: all joints should be cleaned down by washing with water containing detergent, then clean water.

Ensure the joints are dry before grouting.

Movement Joints: These should be provided in accordance with BS 5385 : part 1-5 and may be filled with the appropriate flexible sealant. Intermediate floor joints should be reinforced with brass or stainless steel. Use stainless steel where hygiene is essential.


Mix the cementitious powder with clean water until a lump-free smooth paste of uniform colour is obtained. If an electric drill mixer is used blend on a slow speed (less than 300 rpm). Avoid entraining air by mixing at too high speed or by over-mixing. Do not reconstitute the mixed grout by adding more water, this will reduce the final strength.

  • Using a grout float or rubber squeegee compact the grout into the joints ensuring that they are completely filled. Work in small areas and remove as much excess grout from the tile surface as possible. Do not exceed the working time of the grout. Refer to table for details.
  • Use a sponge or sponge-board, dampened with clean water to clean the tile surface. Allow about 15 minutes for the grout to dry a little before cleaning off. Clean diagonally to the joint lines.
  • Finally wash down with clean water with sponge/sponge board to remove any dried grout film from the tile surface.
  • Once the grout has sufficiently set within the joints, polish the surface with a clean cloth. Alternatively give a final wash down with clean water using a dampened sponge.
  • The addition of Tuffex GT to cement-based grout will enhance adhesion to tile edges, water- resistance and improves flexibility.

Packing Detail

500 gms., 1 kg. Pouches & 10 kg. Bag.

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