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Aqua Seal

Aqua Seal
Product description

Dubond's Aqua Seal Grout is a cementitious water repellant tile grout used for internal application. It is suitable for grouiting ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, marbles, granites, mosaics and natural stone in walls and floors.

  • 101 Virgin White Group I
  • 110 Black GROUP I
  • 202 Blue GROUP I
  • 204 Dark Blue GROUP I
  • 206 Alpine Blue GROUP I
  • 304 Light Green GROUP I
  • 308 Dark Green GROUP I
  • 401 Ivory GROUP I
  • 402 Almond GROUP I
  • 404 Crema GROUP I
  • 409 Yellow GROUP I
  • 503 Pink GROUP I
  • 603 Copper Brown GROUP I
  • 605 Terra Red GROUP I
  • 608 Dark Brown GROUP I
  • 705 Burgundy GROUP I
  • 801 Grey GROUP I
  • 802 Beige GROUP I
  • 803 Mashroom GROUP I
  • 804 Steel Grey GROUP I
  • 805 Dark Grey GROUP I
  • Dubond's Aqua Seal Grout is recommended for use on tile joints of 1-6 mm width.
  • Ensure 24 hours time interval for grouting after tiles fixing.
  • keep the grouted area free from dust particles for minimum 24 hours.
  • For best results,use spacers and keep a minimum of 2 mm joint between tiles.

Direction for use

  • Clean and remove any loose particles.
  • Make sure that the tiles joints are clean and saturated and excess water is removed from joints before grouting.
  • This will ensure good adhesion of grout as unifrom color after drying.


  • Gradually add approximately 3 parts of powder to 1 part of clean water (measured by volume) and mix slowly up to 10 minutes to a smooth,workable,stiff paste.
  • Do not attempt to extend the pot life by adding water to the mix.
  • keep the wet mortar idle for 5-10 minutes.

Shelf life

1 year from the date of manufacturing,for unopened bags, stored in dry condition.


Refer Shade Card Dudond Aqua Seal Grout / Water Repellent is a unique and new product exclusively for wet has a range of grout colors which can be specified by the tile fixer to help create a traditional or more distinctive look for the finished tile area.See our full range of colours available from Dubond.

Technical Specification
Density of Powder 1.1 to 1.12 gm/cc
Pot Life ≥ 1 hr
Time to Walk on grouted floor 24 Hours after grouting
Recommended tile joint width 1 to 6 mm
Site temperature at the time of application Between + 5°C and 45°C
Setting time
a) Initial
b) Final

60-90 minutes
120-160 minutes
Compressive Strength 20Mpa.

Packing Detail

1 kg. Bag

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